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Never Too Late: Keep Your Golden Years from Being Rusty, Part 7

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Welcome back mind-body students! This week we have another installment of our elderly workout series. This time, it's an assisted form of the Tai Chi Walk (also called "The 50 Steps").

The difference with this version of the exercise is twofold: first, you will have something with you at all times to stabilize yourself using your arms. This could be a walker, a countertop, a table, or anything you can hold onto while you are walking. Second, unlike the Tai Chi Walk, we are not interested in maximum extension of the legs. Instead, we are looking to take healthy steps that focus on proper walking technique.

Again, don't bring the knees up or stretch the legs out. We are simply looking for healthy, correctly-aligned steps. This means: feet aiming forward at all times (not going out to the sides), correct weight distribution as you roll from the back of the foot to the front of the foot, lifting each foot completely off the ground and not dragging them, and keeping each step big and full as opposed to shuffling or taking baby steps.

Notice the lifted sole of the foot, toes pointed slightly upward. First touching on the heel.

Roll the foot forward onto the outer-ball and then inner-ball in quick succession.

See if you can get to 50 mindful, correctly-aligned steps each day. Start with 15 or 20, and work your way up over time. Breath deeply while you do them, and do them slowly at first to maintain good alignment. Ideally, you will reach the point where you can walk more swiftly and with more agility, because your stability and balance will have improved.

Happy Stretching!

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