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Never Too Late: Keep Your Golden Years from Being Rusty, Part 5

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Two quick announcements!

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Today's exercise designed for people age 70 and older is a simple lower back and neck stretch. Using a desk or a chair, you can rest your head on your arms to relax the muscles of the back. 

This stretch is great for your lower back and neck. Our society's trend of sitting all day at computers and in cars leads to many lower back and neck problems, even in younger and more flexible people. Doing this stretch 3 to 5 times per day will help tremendously in preventing pain, and dealing with already existing lower back and neck issues.

While sitting on your chair, lean forward and place your forehead gently on an object. In this case it is a walker, but it could be a table as well. If possible, raise your arms to where your head is. Your nose and mouth should be in the air, so you can breathe deeply while holding the stretch  (See Picture 1, below.) 

Hold the stretch for 1 to 2 minutes, 3 to 5 times per day. While holding the stretch, breathe deeply through the nose and focus your mind on your breath (See Picture 2, below.)

Picture 1 (click to enlarge!)

Picture 2 (click to enlarge!)

That's it for this week. Please check out my new course and seminar offerings and take part! Those are the best ways to learn what I have to teach in a hands-on way.

Happy Stretching!