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Like the Yin-Yang, Eastern Martial Arts and Western medicine are two halves of a whole. My mission is to preserve the ancient mind-body tools, and pass them on to you.


Dana-Farber Lecture, Part 3: Finding a Teacher & Introduction to Qi Gong

Welcome back students! Thank you for watching, listening to, and commenting on the past installments in my Dana-Farber lecture blog series! We love to see lots of people engaging with the blog!

We return this week with the next installment in the lecture, which covers some wisdom about finding a mind-body teacher, and also introduces the topics of Qi Gong, and how it relates to Tai Chi.


Happy stretching, deep breathing, empty your mind, strengthen your energetic system, and evoke your spirit!

Dana-Farber Lecture, Part 1: Sit Up Straight and Breath Deep!

Hello mind-body students! This week is the first installment in a several week-long series of videos clipped from a lecture I have at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute back in September 2016. Boy, time flies!

The lecture was called "Mind Body - Tai Chi - Chi Kung: For Cancer" and was presented for the purpose of building awareness for and interest in my classes at Dana-Farber for cancer patients/survivors, and their caregivers.

At the beginning of the lecture I told the audience to do two simple (but very difficult) things for the duration of my talk: sit up straight and breathe deep!

Try to do both of those things as you listen to each of these videos over the next few weeks.

Happy stretching, deep breathing, empty your mind, strengthen your energetic system, and evoke your spirit!

One of the Top 25 Tai Chi Blogs on the Internet!

Welcome back mind-body students! We are glad to have you reading again, and look forward to a new year of new blogs and new readers.

We have very exciting news! In late December, our blog was named one of the Top 25 Tai Chi Blogs and Websites on the internet by Feedspot, a popular blog reader and aggregator service. We're very honored to be on this list, and we hope to qualify again if they update the list next year.

This year we have big plans for the blog and for new Tai Chi courses on my Udemy profile.

On Udemy, you can look forward to Tai Chi courses about dealing with issues as varied as chronic pain, inconsistent sleep, lack of focus, asthma, and more! These courses will be short and sweet, focused around one or two very impactful exercises, and also including a handful of supportive techniques and practices.

On the blog, we have countless possibilities! Starting next week we will be posting small sections of a talk and presentation I did at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which I hope will be helpful as an introduction to Tai Chi and Qi Gong health practices, and what they can help people accomplish.

After we've gone through that talk, we will be starting our first exercise series: Exercises to do in the car! Many people are so busy that they cannot find enough time to do energetic, exercising, and meditative practices during the day. But, many of these same people have little time because they spend a lot of time in the car. Thanks to a request by one of the blog's avid readers, we were inspired to do a series on how you can be healthier each time you drive!

By the time we're done with that, we'll probably be approaching summer time, and we'll see what else we have in store for 2018.

Happy stretching, deep breathing, empty your mind, strengthen your energetic system, and evoke your spirit!

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Freeing the Skeleton by Moving the Upper Body

Just one more week! One more week before we take our holiday break for the year. We've gone over how these body marker movements can release your skeleton from unneeded stress in the last two blogs here and here. We began with the lower body, then moved up to the core. All that is left is to gently move the upper body and we will have gotten to everything!

Moving Technique to Compliment Body Marker #7: Swinging Arm Rotations

This is a great movement to help you loosen up the entire shoulder girdle and upper body, but I'm still going to include two more movements you can do in addition to this to really release your soft tissue tension. A note on this exercise: sitting or standing is fine. Standing is not the "next level" of this exercise, because it has nothing to do with the legs. As always, I encourage you to stand if you can.

Moving Technique to Compliment Body Marker #8: Move your Head Like a Pigeon

This exercise also uses circular rotation to help you loosen up your soft tissue, but maybe not in the way you expect! The circles you do during this exercise are forward and backward, not left and right. Don't forget to relax your face and shoulders here! We don't need to add more tension while we're trying to get rid of it!

Moving Technique to Compliment Body Marker #9: 40% Effort Movements

I invented and tested these movements over the years with the help of my students who have arthritis in their arms and wrists. Pay close attention to the wrist movement that I do later on in the video. But don't skip the other movements! The finger movement especially can help to loosen the soft tissue in the forearms and relieve wrist tension.

That's all for this week! Next week we deliver the full "Freeing the Skeleton" guide, and then we're off for the holidays.

Happy stretching, deep breathing, empty your mind, strengthen your energetic system, and evoke your spirit!