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Like the Yin-Yang, Eastern Martial Arts and Western medicine are two halves of a whole. My mission is to preserve the ancient mind-body tools, and pass them on to you.


Meditation as a Weight Loss Strategy

You may be wondering how exactly this Yin half of my weight loss system is really going to help you achieve your weight goals. Sure, the Yang half, with its push-ups and sit-ups and such, makes sense, but if all you do is sit and move gently for the Yin half, how will that help you reach a healthy weight?

The answer is this: meditation is brain exercise. Many aspects of your mind, such as self-control and healthy thought patterns, become stronger the more you practice them. They are just like muscles, and if you don't give them a workout often, they may fail you when you really need them.

When there is junk food around the house, not having the self control to stop snacking makes your weight problem worse. When you are at a party with lots of treats and desserts, and you keep going back to the food area for "one more cookie," that's your mindfulness muscle already failing you. Those moments matter when it comes to our weight and our health.

A meditation routine can be a huge help when you are faced with moments like that. Meditation is often VERY difficult for people at first. It isn't painful, or dangerous. It's just frustrating. Sitting in place for five minutes without making a sound is an exercise is discipline. Your mind constantly bombards you with thoughts of everything and anything, and meditation's goal is to help you quiet that crazy "monkey mind," as it's called in Eastern philosophies, so that you can feel more emotionally balanced and in control.

When you can sit down quietly for five minutes without needing to check your phone, you'll find that you can also say "no thank you," the next time that dessert tray comes around. It's all willpower and self-control. 

Remember: discipline is a practice, not a place. This isn't foolproof. Everyone has moments of weakness (especially when those moments involve chocolate). But this Yin routine is meant to put you on a path toward more healthy eating, and less unhealthy eating.

Good luck!