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Like the Yin-Yang, Eastern Martial Arts and Western medicine are two halves of a whole. My mission is to preserve the ancient mind-body tools, and pass them on to you.


November Announcements

I hope everyone is happy and well! Today's blog post is full of updates and some announcements for the end of the year here on the blog.

First of all, next Friday's blog will be our Mind-Body workout of the month for November. I know you probably won't feel like working out the day after Thanksgiving, but make sure you check it out once all the tryptophan wears off!

Second, we're going to take a holiday break from the blog starting in late December. But don't worry! We'll start it up again with all new content in January 2015.

Leading up to the break, Tuesdays will finish out the Office Exercise Series, so you can stay healthy and active before your holiday vacations. Fridays will feature not only next week's Mind-Body workout, but also a two or three part series of posts about the "hows and whys" of meditation. There is going to be a lot of scientific research we discuss, and we'll even get into some of the brain physiology and sleep cycles to help you understand why meditation is so important.

Lastly, if you are interested, please remember to signup for my hands-on workshops at Yang's Fitness Center, which you can learn about here. Plus, as the holiday shopping season hits its peak, remember that my Sunrise Tai Chi DVD is still on sale for less than $10 on amazon. It really is a great way to learn and practice Tai Chi at home in a relaxing and private environment, as are all of my DVDs and Books.

That's it! Happy stretching!