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Unsolved Pain in Lower Back and Legs

Recently, a reader asked me about treating Sacroiliac joint problems.

I know what you're thinking: "Sacroiliac joint? What the heck is that?"

The sacroiliac joint is where your spine meets and connects with your hips. Specifically, the sacrum bone (the second to last bone in your spine, going down) connects to the ilium (think of them like the "wings") on either side of your hips. This joint is composed to many short, strong ligaments. All of  the muscles in your lower trunk and hips help move this joint. 

Sacroiliac joint issues usually occur in women over 30 years old. SI joint issues are often mistaken for lower back injuries, or sciatica, because the pain is very similar.

The SI joint is extremely important for overall health and mobility. It is at the crossroads of our two greatest bases of movement: our spine and our hips.

Below, I've posted an abridged version of the routine that I gave to the reader, specifically designed to relieve SI joint issues. If you are experiencing similar unsolved back pain or leg pain, give these exercises a try.

Step 1 and 2: Lots of excess weight and long periods of sitting down can put too much stress on the SI joint, so before you begin to stretch it out, you need to make sure you are at a healthy weight and are remembering to take breaks during desk work and long drives to get up, stand, walk, and stretch.

Step 3: Do the following mind-body exercises:

All these stretches should be done at 40-60% effort. Also, supplementing this routine with some standing or moving meditations from my Sunrise and Sunset Tai Chi forms would add a lot.

I have linked to the exercises that I have blog videos for, and will update with more links as we release more of them. All of these exercises are in my books.

You could also buy my Lower Back Course on Udemy.com, which comes with all of these exercises, meditations, and more. Choose what option is best for you!

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