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Surgery-Specific Exercise Routine: Complete Series

Welcome back, mind-body students! This week we synthesize the entire surgery-specific exercise routine into one blog post. Doing these exercises diligently before and after upper-body surgery will prepare your body for minimal down-time and the most complete recovery.

So here it is! Enjoy.

Surgery-Specific Exercise Routine

Part 1: Four Stretches for Surgery & Xena Stretches the Spring

These first two exercises open up the shoulder girdle, preparing the body for more activity and oxygenating the important areas. Go nice and slow on these techniques. Hold the stretches for 2-3 minutes each if possible. Also, if you have frozen shoulder or other stiffness, stretch VERY gently. Better to slowly release the tension rather than hurt yourself before (or after) surgery.

Part 2: Xena Pushes the Tablets & The 'M' and the 'T' Stretches

These stretches extend the arms out straight at the elbows, putting a little more weight on the shoulder and increasing the stretch. It also incorporates some turning of the trunk, which stretches the muscles of the abdomen and lower back.

Part 3: The 'T' and the 'Y' Stretches & Turn and Twist

These exercises get the body into its most extended stretches, with the arms straight up and straight out, and the torso turned repeatedly to each side.

Part 4: White Ape Picks the Peach & Training the Yang Circle

Lastly, we complete the set of exercises with circular motions with really exercise the shoulder joint and all of the muscles of the upper body. These motions incorporate each and every movement from before into very graceful techniques.

And that's it! Come back next week for exciting news from the Mind-body world.

Happy Stretching!