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Surgery-Specific Exercise Routine: Part 4

Hey mind-body students! Good to have you back.

This week is the final new installment in our surgery-specific routine, where we introduce the two final exercises for you to do. Next week, we will combine all these exercises into a single post for you to bookmark for future reference.

Preparing for surgery, even just surgery on the upper body, is a whole-body task. Our exercises so far have been relatively isolated to upper body movements, but to fully prepare for the operation, your whole body should be as healthy as possible. So without further to do, here are the two most full-body movements you'll be doing as preparation (and recovery).

White-ape Picks Up the Peach: This beautiful movement from Qi Gong is a great technique to do outside in the (hopefully soon to be) spring weather. Take special note of the "energy ball rotation" movement in between each part of the technique. This part of the movement massages the internal organs, which should be in peak health before you get surgery.

Also, take note of how to breath in this technique, because oxygenating the body is key to surgery prep as well.

Training the Yang Circle: The motion involved with this technique is similar to that of the last technique, with the swooping arm circles and forearm rotation. Having a partner isn't completely necessary (you can do this technique solo against a wall like I show in the video), but there is a lot to be said for having a companion with you while you prepare and recover. Emotional support is also important when it comes to overall health!

Next week we synthesize all the exercises into one post. See you then!

And Happy Stretching!