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The Complete Mind-Body Workout for People 70+

Hey mind-body students! Welcome back to the blog. This week, we are combining all of the "Never Too Late" workouts into one convenient post so you can simply use this post as your reference when performing these exercises, or sharing them with your loved ones who are 70 years old or older.

The Complete Mind-Body Workout for People 70+

Exercise 1 & 2: Calf Stretch and Arm Strengthening, plus Hamstring and Lower Back Stretch.

First we stabilize and stretch the muscles closest to the floor so you can minimize the chance of falls right from the beginning. The second stretch also lets you relax a little bit and can even help the upper back.

Exercise 3: Outer Hip Stretch.

This stretch helps to create much more flexibility in the hips, which means better balance everywhere. The hips are the source of all powerful movement in the body, and healthy hips create healthy movement.

Exercise 4: Front Tai Chi Stance.

This technique improves your ability to stand freely, using some support from the wall. It also helps you handle different amounts of weight on each leg, which improves walking ability.

Exercise 5: Up and Down Like the Moon and the Sun

This is a great quad and hamstring strengthening exercise. Increase bone density and muscle mass at the same time!

Exercise 6: Lower Back and Neck Stretch.

This is a nice relaxing stretch to do after the tougher strengthening exercises. It targets your back and neck, which are of key importance for healthy posture.

Exercise 7: Vitamin H

Do the variation that is safest and most effective for you. And make sure the walker, table, or chair that you are using to stabilize yourself is well secured and not going to slip.

Exercise 8: Supported Tai Chi Walk

This exercise might be easiest to do in your kitchen, around a table, or somewhere in your house where there is a lot of horizon railings and support. If you have someone helping you, have them find a good place for you to do this exercise and then spot you in case you need to take a break and sit down.

Exercise 9: Assisted Flamingo Stretch

Use this exercise to get a good stretch in the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. If you have help, have your helper adjust the height of your foot support so that you are at the perfect amount of stretch.

Exercise 10: Assisted Standing Quad Stretch. 

The final exercise follows the second to last exercise very easily. Simply have your helper adjusted the height of the foot support, then you turn around and lift your foot backwards to rest at the correct height. Make sure you have support for your arms and upper body here too!

Another great big thank you to my student in all of the photos, Dora! She is pictured here at 94 years old! Can you believe it? That's proof that it really is never too late.

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Thanks you, and Happy Stretching!