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Breast Cancer Awareness Blogroll

October is breast cancer awareness month, and that means that a lot of pink is going to hit the shelves of stores, the socks of professional athletes, and more.

This kind of awareness is a good thing. When we pervade pop culture with reminders of breast cancer, it helps us understand the lives of those people who suffer from it, and how this disease is part of every day of their lives.

However, seeing pink is not the most important thing you can do for these breast cancer fighters. If you really want to help spread awareness of this terrible disease, you should listen to the people suffering from it, and take their experiences to heart. We all know what cancer is, but most of us do not know what it is like to live with it.

So, for you readers who want to know more, and those of you currently fighting breast cancer, here are 10 Breast Cancer Blogs (in no particular order) that can help you on your journey:

  • Living Beyond Breast Cancer - This is the website for a non-profit located based outside of Philadelphia (LBBC) committed to providing breast cancer fighters and their loved ones with reliable information and the writings of a team of bloggers.
  • Nancy's Point - Nancy Stordahl is an author, writer, and teacher who lost her mother to breast cancer, and was later diagnosed with it herself. Her blog is the best way to read her experience, but she has also contributed to a number of other websites and organizations. 
  • Darn Good Lemonade - Breast cancer fighter and professed "dog mom" Mandi writes about her experience making lemonade from the lemons life gave her.
  • Lisa Bonchek Adams - On her blog, Adams writes not only about living with metastatic breast cancer, but also about dealing with the grief of loss, as well as her experience raising a son with congenital abnormalities.
  • Dancing with Cancer - One of the longest stories about breast cancer surviving on the internet. Author, Jill, writes about breast cancer awareness, her original diagnosis in 1999, and the return and spread of her cancer in 2002.
  • Chemobrain...In The Fog - Ann Marie's blog is particularly relevant to people who have undergone chemotherapy and are experiencing abnormal side-effects. Ann tells the story of her life after being forced to give up her accounting job due to cognitive issues from the chemo, and her pursuit of volunteer opportunities after that.
  • IHATEBREASTCANCER - Katherine O'Brien, a B2B magazine editor, writes about her experience (and her mother's experience) with breast cancer. Her answer to the age-old health blogger question "Why are you doing this?" is a simple and resounding "Because I am here."
  • The Accidental Amazon - Kathi brings a much needed snark to the post-breast cancer life, and writes about being an "symmetry-challenged" artist, moving through life with a prosthesis and some long-term side-effects.
  • But Doctor... I Hate Pink! - Ann Silberman writes honestly about life with terminal cancer on this blog, and there just so happens to be a video about her and her family that you should go watch.
  • The Battle We Didn't Choose - I know I said these blogs weren't in a particular order, but I did save this blog for last for a reason. On this blog, Angelo Merendino chronicled his wife Jennifer's battle with breast cancer, a battle for him as well, which ended December 22, 2011, when Jennifer passed. Angelo's beautiful photography is truly stunning, and is a perfect example of the impact one person can have on raising awareness.

That's it! I hope everyone has a wonderful October!