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Tai Chi Tips for Sports: Improve Rotation in the Lower Back

Happy New Year everyone! Good to have you back.

We are starting this year with some older videos of mine that are very important at this time of year: Tai Chi Tips for Sports.

Many of the most popular sports will begin their pre-season training and conditioning in the next couple months. Rebuilding strength is good, but maximizing your flexibility is much more important for avoiding injury. All too often I hear about athletes who seem totally fit before the season starts, and then in their first game, BOOM, they tear a ligament, or twist an ankle, slip a disc, or something else.

This happens because they are not fully prepared to perform at 100%, which is what their events require. In the coming weeks, I'll be showing you three of the most important exercises an athlete can do to achieve peak performance and avoid injury during their season.

And of course, this is not just for athletes! Maybe you only golf on weekends, or occasionally play a pick-up game of basketball, or perhaps you just work on your feet all day. These techniques are for you too!

This week, the static stretch for "Ward Off," also called the "Chair Twist." Enjoy!