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Panther Walk for Upper Body Development

This week we are going to show you an exercise that you can do if the wall push-ups are too easy or slow for you. Many younger readers, athletes, and martial artists will be interested in maintaining and improving their "fast-twitch" muscle fibers, which will allow them to move quickly and precisely. If that is your goal, then the panther walk is the upper body exercise for you.

Essentially, the panther walk is a push-up, but when you push up off the ground, you want to push with your hands and feet so that you hop up off the ground completely. This is how you move forward, backward, or sideways while doing the exercise. You will probably bend a little at the hips to help you with the hop, because you'll be activating your abdominal muscles too. This is fine, but try to keep your body as straight as possible throughout the exercise.

Of course, this exercise also has all the strength benefits of the wall push-ups, and develops bone density as well. However, if you are only trying to increase bone density and maintain a basic level of strength, then the wall push-ups that I review in the video are probably a better choice for you.

Happy Stretching!