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Easy Yoga Series on Cancer Wellness TV

Hello mind-body students! I have exciting news about some great content you can get on Cancer Wellness TV.

My amazing Dana-Farber colleague (and cancer survivor herself), Anne Marie Turo, has released a new video on Cancer Wellness TV to kick off her "Easy Yoga" series, which is focused on helping cancer patients, or anyone who is suffering from serious illness or trauma and have low mobility and energy, to recuperate as fast as possible.

This first piece, the Bed Yoga routine, is designed to increase a person's levels of strength, flexibility, and energy, from the comfort of their bed. And of course, I wouldn't say this exercise is complete until you incorporate deep breathing and empty-full moon, which Anne Marie mentions right at the beginning. She also ends the video with a helpful guide to getting out of bed when you have very low strength and energy.

Please continue to support Cancer Wellness TV, such as by making a free account or giving a donation. We will be producing very high quality, useful content for anyone looking to lead a healthier life, cancer patient, survivor, or otherwise. 

Happy Stretching!