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Like the Yin-Yang, Eastern Martial Arts and Western medicine are two halves of a whole. My mission is to preserve the ancient mind-body tools, and pass them on to you.


My Two New Udemy Courses

It's too beautiful outside to read a bunch of Tai Chi and Qi Gong theory today, so in this blog post I am going to quickly introduce my two new online Tai Chi courses, and then you can be on your way.

First is my brand new course "Tai Chi for a Focused Mind - Pure and Simple," which is an abridged version of my long course "Improve Your Mental and Physical Success with Tai Chi and Qi Gong." This course doesn't get into the Qi Gong philosophy at all, and only does the minimal breathing and stretching exercises. It's about half as long as my original Tai Chi and Qi Gong course, and because of that it's great for people with very little time during the day.

Both courses teach you the same Tai Chi form, but this shorter course is aimed at helping you focus, and reducing stress. The longer course is more about transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. You can think of them like an introductory course and a graduate level course in the same subject.

My other new course is the companion to my "Relieve and End your Lower Back Pain" course. It's called "Alleviate Upper Back Pain with Tai Chi and Qi Gong." This course is structured exactly like the Lower Back pain course, except it focuses on upper back, shoulder girdle, neck, and head problems. This course was so highly requested that we released it before we finished the supplementary print material for it. All of that is on it's way though, and will be provided to everyone who purchases the course.

NOTE: All of my courses are available here at Udemy, and the short Tai Chi course is on sale for $9.99 through July 31st.