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Like the Yin-Yang, Eastern Martial Arts and Western medicine are two halves of a whole. My mission is to preserve the ancient mind-body tools, and pass them on to you.


Ramel to teach at 2013 ThyCa Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association on Sept 28, 2013

Rami will be teaching at this year's 2013 annual Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Conference in Philadelphia.  His two sessions are titled: Feel Stronger, Better and More Relaxed with Qigong and Tai Chi and will be taught on September 28th. 

Given Rami's extensive work with cancer patients and others with serious diseases, Rami's purpose is to help thyroid cancer patients and their caregivers learn some mind-body therapies that combine meditation, deep breathing techniques along with gentle movements with the goal of improving their daily lives. 

ThyCa is the largest thyroid cancer survivors group in the world and attracts attendees from around the world.  There will be over 100 sessions during the 3 day conference, providing current research and opportunities for patients to meet and learn from each other.  The sessions are led by leading thyroid oncologists, surgeons, endocrinologists, nurses, patient advocates and caregivers.

After being asked to teach at this year's conference, Rami said: "I've devoted my career to understanding and researching the ways that Qigong and Tai Chi can help cancer patients improve their mental and physical health, so being at the ThyCa conference will allow me to do the kind of teaching that I love the most.  It is an honor to be invited".

Gary Bloom, Executive Director of ThyCa commented: "We are delighted for Rami to be joining us this year in Philadelphia.  We pride ourselves on bringing the top medical experts in the field of thyroid cancer to the conference, and now we are bringing in one of the world's experts in a very important and needed area as well".

Click here for more information about the 2013 ThyCa Conference.