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Larry Lucchino, President and CEO of the Boston Red Sox, makes the case for private mind-body training with Rami

Private group or individual lessons are available on a one-time or on-going basis. Private instruction gives students unprecedented access to Rami and his knowledge, which allows them to focus on a mind-body prescription tailored to their health and prevention goals. Lessons can be held at Rami's clinic or your home. 

To get started, fill out the form below, or just call, and Rami will get right back to you.

Through his deep understanding of Eastern health and martial art philosophies, Ramel has developed a mind-body method based on the principles and techniques of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Yoga.

The goals of the Ramel Rones Mind-Body Method are:

  • Improve physical performance through a balance of strength and flexibility
  • Extend quality of life by building muscle mass and increasing bone density
  • Relieve aches, chronic pain, and immobility be freeing the skeleton from being a prisoner of the soft tissue
  • Oxygenate the blood, brain, and internal organs for a stronger immune system, with a diligent focus on cancer prevention
  • Reduce stress, get better sleep, and tap into the power of the mind through various sitting, standing, and moving meditation techniques
  • Activate your natural healing capabilities by balancing and upgrading your energetic system
  • Connect to greater sources of will power and healing by evoking the spirit

Tai Chi and Qi Gong can also help patients reduce symptoms that often occur during treatment for chronic and debilitating diseases, including cancer.  Many clients and students going through treatment report a significant improvement in symptoms, reduced side-effects, a feeling of empowerment, as well as a more positive outlook when they incorporate Rami's teachings.

Ramel holds private lessons in his home clinic in Boston, Massachusetts, where he has a variety of tools to help students progress. To set up an appointment, call 617.469.2157

 Contact Rami for information about personal instruction, speaking to your group, guest teaching or being a mind-body consultant for your research or program. 

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