Business Workshops

Mind-Body Workshops for Businesses and Organizations

Looking to help your coworkers and employees de-stress? Looking to motivate your employees and keep them healthy? Team-building exercises can be great tools, but often we need to slow down and calm down rather than gear up and speed up. Bring Rami in for a "Mind-Body Prescriptions" workshop and give your people expert training on health and wellness techniques that will keep them balanced, energetic, focused, and happy.

Workshops can be tailored to fit any office space, employee age, and mobility level.

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Fewer Sick Days, More Vacation: Experience the Energetic System

In this workshop, Rami will introduce you to the internal energetic system through deep breathing, vivid visualizations, and guided meditations. Teams will learn how to reduce their stress, bolster their immune system, and sleep better, leading to improved productivity, fewer sick days, and more time for vacation. That's a win-win-win!

This workshop requires little to no movement, and students can take part seated on the floor, in a chair, or standing.


Exercise for the Busy Professional:
15 Minute Mind-Body Workout

Looking to give your company members a full body and mind recharge? Everyone too busy to hit the gym for an hour a day? Then this is the workshop for you. Teams will learn, step-by-step, a 15 minute workout they can use at home or at work to release tension, maintain muscle and bone strength, and relax the mind.

This workshop involves static stretching, low-impact strengthening exercises, and meditations. Loose-fitting clothes and an open area are required.

The Power of Tai Chi.jpg

End Employee Burnout with The Power of Tai Chi

Through the movements and mindset of Tai Chi, you and your team can relax, build a feeling of connectedness, and find a deeply embodied source of motivation. Rami will present a short series of Tai Chi motions, each flowing into the next to form a complete Tai Chi routine. Teams will follow along and complete the form in sync.

This workshop will require comfortable clothes, as well as the ability to stand for the duration of the workshop. Movements are slow and low-impact.