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Like the Yin-Yang, Eastern Martial Arts and Western medicine are two halves of a whole. My mission is to preserve the ancient mind-body tools, and pass them on to you.


Dana-Farber Lecture, Part 5: The Energetic System & Visualizations

Brace yourselves, mind-body students! This clip of the lecture series from Dana-Farber is longer than the other ones. (Not too much longer, just under 9 minutes.)

But! If you are patient and watch the whole thing, you'll be rewarded. There are a couple of meditative exercises to follow along with in this video in real time. You should be able to do them simply sitting on your couch or in your chair. It is also packed with good information about the energetic system and the different techniques that people use to help guide them to a better connection with their energy and spirit.


Happy stretching, deep breathing, empty your mind, strengthen your energetic system, and evoke your spirit!