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Mind-Body Workout #4: Super Bowl Edition!

It's time for another custom mind-body workout folks, and this month, we're giving you a workout you can do while watching the Super Bowl.

Go get your Patriots gear and get ready to sweat!

Mind-Body Workout #4: Super Bowl Edition!

These exercises have all been tailored to the usual Super Bowl viewing experience, and they are divided up into the three major portions of the game: 1st half, Half-time show, and 2nd half.

1st Half

Breathing for Possession: Every down that the Patriots have the ball, pull your abdominal wall in when you breath in, and push it out when you breath out (Taoist Breath). When the Seahawks have the ball (boo!) do the reverse, called Buddhist Breath.

Stretch for the Kicker:  Anytime the Patriots go for a field goal in the first half of the game, get up and stretch those hips on the wall. In your mind, focus on sending all of that hip strength and flexibility to Gostkowski. We need all 3 of those extra points!

Half-time Show

Let Out Some Heat and Stretch: It's probably getting pretty hot in your house now, with all the cooking and cheering and breathing and stretching going on. The half-time show is the perfect time to open your front door and let the house cool off. While you are there, do these stretches to open up those chest and shoulder muscles to prepare for the second half.

Make Room for More Food: You've still got another two hours to go, but you probably overdid it on the chicken wings and chips in the first half. No problem! Grab a chair, and loosen up your digestive tract with this twisting stretch and be ready to chow down during the finale.

2nd Half

Cheer for the Pats/Yell at the Refs: The second half is when every pass and penalty really starts to matter. Show your team spirit by getting up off the couch for each one and cheering or yelling as you see fit. "Come on, Ref! You call that a penalty?"

Lost Your Seat: Most people at these Super Bowl parties wander around during the middle quarters, but everyone suddenly fills in around the sofa when the game clock reaches 5 minutes or so. Chances are, you just came back from the bathroom and now you don't have a seat. No worries! Stretch those quads and strengthen those knees by sitting on the ground.

There you go! Your one-stop guide to making this the healthiest Super Bowl you've ever had.

Go Patriots!