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Can Mindfulness and Internal Martial Arts Cure Obesity?

My team and I have a lot of exciting new things in the works, and there will be more information forthcoming.

Today's post is something I have been working on recently. Is America going about the fight against obesity all wrong? The First Lady has done extensive work to get the weight of America's children to a healthy average. Her "Let's Move" program focuses on eating healthy and getting physical exercise, which are valiant goals. All health professionals agree that children need to eat right and exercise.

But are exercise routines and removing sugary snacks from schools really treating the problem? Or are these initiatives just alleviating the symptoms?

Maybe it's us, the parents, who force "professionally optimized living" on our children. Our children need a good job to make it on their own, and to get one, they'll need a great degree. To get one of those, they need to out-shine the competition when applying to college by having straight A's and a veritable laundry list of extracurricular activities. Most of these "check points" start by the time children are in middle school, ten, eleven, or twelve years old. Do kids have time to be mindful of health when we are already asking them to focus on grades, extracurricular activities, internships, saxophone lessons, and more?

This may seem counter-intuitive, but maybe parents need to slow down, and let their kids slow down too. If kids had time to look for really fulfilling physical activities, and healthy food choices, they probably would. But when they only have 5 minutes of free time, two or three times a day, what is there for a kid to do but watch a quick Youtube video and grab a candy bar?

No one can take care of themselves if they don't have the time or the energy, whether they are a child or an adult. What are you teaching your children to focus on? Health, or wealth?